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With over 8 years in the digital media and influencer marketing space, NAB Media Group founder, Brittany Grace, uses her widespread experience to consult brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs on how to elevate their online presence, generate leads, and increase sales through various branding and marketing initiatives.

As a former teacher, Brittany is able to apply her knowledge of human psychology and community building to clients' business plans which make her strategies practical and easy to comprehend. Additionally, Brittany spends her spare time researching and developing new digital marketing techniques that will give her clients a competitive edge. In the last 2 years Brittany has grown her own social media following by over 300%.

NAB Media Group works around the clock to conceptualize your business objectives while strengthening your brand identity to bring you and your customers value. We identify companies' pain points and work quickly to provide solutions while adhering to timelines and remaining within budget. To find out how NAB Media Group can elevate your business, email